Who is eligible to register with MYWC?

Boys and girls 5-14 years old, in kindergarten through 8th grade, are able to join.


How much does it cost?

MYWC is proud to say we still have one of the lowest registration fees in Northern Illinois!  For the 2014-2015 season (November-March) the registration fee is $105 and includes:

USA Wrestling membership card (includes USA Wrestler magazine subscription)

MYWC team t-shirt

Participation award(s) at our annual Awards Night

Financial Assistance is available for families that need assistance with the registration fee.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on how to apply.


How do we register?

Oops, you missed our September and October registration dates for the 2014-2015 season.  If interested, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before November 20th to sign-up for this season; otherwise check back with us next September!

You will need to bring your child so he/she can be sized for their singlet and your child’s birth certificate if he/she is new to MYWC.

You will also need to bring 4 checks:

Check #1 - $105 per child for Registration Fee

Check #2 - $60 per child for Singlet Deposit (post-date check to 4/1/2015) - this check will be returned to you once your child's singlet has been returned at the end of the season

Check #3 - $100 per family for Volunteer Deposit (post-date check to 2/1/2015) - this check will be returned to you once your volunteer commitment has been fulfilled

Check #4 - $100 per family for Raffle Tickets (post-date check to 12/1/2014) - sell the tickets or keep them for yourself - 1st Prize is $1,000!


What do they need to wear?

For practice:

T-shirt and shorts – no zippers, buttons or pockets


Wrestling shoes (we have many pairs of donated shoes available, ask to check “the box”)

For tournaments:

MYWC Singlet (provided)


Wrestling shoes


When and where is practice held?

Practice begins the week of November 3rd at the old Hawthorn Elementary School in Marengo. Practice is held from 6:00-7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all teams, with an extra practice on Mondays for those on the advanced team. We also offer Open Mat on Wednesdays at Marengo Community High School. A complete practice schedule will be available at the Parent Meeting.


When are the tournaments and how many do we have to attend?

There are tournaments every weekend December through February (usually on Sundays).  Competing at tournaments is not required, but we recommend it to fully appreciate the sport and demonstrate what has been learned during practice.  We do encourage all of our team members to wrestle at the two tournaments that MYWC hosts – Beginners Brawl in December (1st and 2nd year wrestlers only) and Cabin Fever in January. 


What is a Volunteer Commitment?

MYWC hosts two tournaments: "Beginners Brawl" on 12/6/14 and "Cabin Fever" on 1/25/15. MANY hours from MANY volunteers are required to successfully host these tournaments so we need help from each and every MYWC family! Volunteer time is required at both tournaments in order to fulfill the family's volunteer commitment. A volunteer sign-up sheet is made available at our 3 registration dates as well as at our Parent Meeting in October.

What are the divisions in youth wrestling?

Divisions are based on age:

5-6 years old – Tot

7-8 years old – Bantam

9-10 years old – Intermediate

11-12 years old – Novice

13-14 years old – Senior


Will my child get hurt?

There is always a risk of injury to those participating in any sport; however, most wrestling injuries are minor.  Serious injuries are not as common in wrestling as in other sports such as football, basketball, hockey or gymnastics due to the fact that wrestlers are not colliding at high speeds or falling as in these other popular sports.  Additional safety factors include:

Close supervision with a high ratio of coaches to athletes

Matching up practice partners based on size, weight and age

Requiring all wrestlers to wear headgear during practice and tournaments

Proper warm-up to begin each practice


What about skin infections?

Skin infections such as ringworm and impetigo have been prevalent in the sport of wrestling due to the frequent skin-to-skin contact and contact with mats, but infections can be avoided through proper precautions.  Our coaches wash the mats before and after each practice and conduct weekly “skin checks” on all wrestlers.  Skin checks are also done at sign-in for all tournaments – if a skin condition is discovered, that wrestler is disqualified to prevent the spread of infection to other wrestlers.  Even with these precautions, it is important that your child showers immediately after every practice and tournament.


I have more questions – who can answer them???

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime!